Friday, 13 March 2009

Chastity Humiliation

I'm going to lock your pathetic little dick away so that every time you want to masturbate you have to come and beg me for it! What a pathetic disgusting fool you are. I will not let your dick out for a very long time because I locked your cock away and I control it you pathetic tiny dick loser!

I can't have your pathetic ass running around sniffing panties like a fucking dog! I have no choice but to lock up your pathetic cock in a chastity belt so you can never again jerk that silly thing of your own will! I own you now bitch! I might let you out of the chastity belt in a week. Maybe a year. Maybe two years loser! I will do what I want with that locked up cock.

male chastity humiliation

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What are you waiting for, loser bitch?

1 comment:

  1. This loser would love to be kept in chastity and blackmailed, pure heaven for a loser like me. i beg to be blackmailed. loser kneels.